Ruth Bader Ginsburg- 2nd female justice to be confirmed to the court.Only female justice of the Supreme Court.

Nellie Taylor Ross-Nations 1st female governor in 1924

Julia Morgan-1st woman admitted to “Ecole de Beaux”

Edith Wharton- 1st woman to win a Pulitzer Prize

Ellen Ochoa-1st and only woman Hispanic astronaut to fly in space.

Susan La Flesche Picotte- 1st Native American woman doctor 

Wally Funk-1st woman on the moon

Rebecca Davis Crumpler- 1st black woman awarded a medical degree in the US

Amelia Earhart -1st female pilot to fly around the world

Margaret Sanger-opened the 1st birth control clinic

Sonia Sotomayor- 1st justice of Hispanic descent and first Latina Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Elizabeth Jane Gardner-1st American woman to exhibit at Paris salon

Frida Kahlo-One of the first woman painters in Mexico and one of the first females to be accepted to National Preparatory School

Janet Gruthie- 1st woman to drive in the Indy 500

Sandra Day o’Connor-1st woman on the Supreme Court

Joan Benoit-1st woman Olympic marathon winner

Manon Rheaume-1st woman to play in the NHL

Kathryn Bigelow-1st woman to win an Oscar for best director

Madeline Albright-1st female Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton-1st woman Presidential nominee of a major political party

Marie Curie-1st woman to win Nobel Prize

Simone Manuel-1st black woman to win Olympic Swimming Gold Medal

Krishna Kumari-1st Hindu lawmaker in Pakistan

Elizabeth Smith Miller-1st woman to wear pants, and push woman’s rights movement.

Jeannette Rankin-1st woman in Congress

Junko Tabei- 1st woman to climb Mt.Everest

Florence Blanchfield- 1st woman Army Officer

Margaret Brent-1st American woman to demand the right to Vote

Anne Bradstreet-1st published Poet in British North American Colonies

Ursula Burns-America’s first African American CEO

Anna Bisell- America’s first ever woman CEO

Lydia Taft-1st woman to vote legally in colonial America

Jane Aitken-1st American to print bible in English

Harriot Kezia Hunt-1st woman to practice medicine

Sarah Hale-1st woman editor of a major woman’s magazine

Mary Walker-1st woman in America to receive Congressional Medal of Honor

Harriet Tubman -1st woman to run an underground railroad

Victoria Woodhull-1st woman to run for U.S President

Helen Magill White-1st woman in America to get a PHD

Marie Owens-1st woman Police Offer

Irene Williams Cuit-1st woman to pass the Yale entrance exam

Pearl S Buck-1st woman to win Nobel Prize in Literature

Anne Leah Fox-1st woman to receive the Purple Heart after being wounded in Pear Harbor

Wangari Maathai-1st African American woman recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 

Corazon C. Aquino-1st woman President of the Philippines 

Diane Humetewa-1st Native American enrolled tribe member to serve as a Federal judge

Oprah Winfrey-1st woman to own and produce her own talk show

Nikki Haley-1st Indian American to be elected Governor

Serena Williams-1st tennis player to win 23 Grand Slam single titles

Aretha Franklin- 1st woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rita Moreno -1st Latina to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & a Tony

Lori Robinson-1st woman to lead a top-tier U.S Combat Command

Danica Patrick-1st woman to lead in the Indianapolis 500 & Daytona 500

Ilhan Omar-1st Somali American Muslim to become a Legislator 

Mazie Hirono-1st Asian America woman to be elected to the U.S Senate

Cindy Sherman-1st woman to break $1million dollars in photography sales

Nancy Pelosi-1st woman Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives

Barbara Walters-1st woman to Co-Anchor a network evening news program 

Loretta Lynch-1st black woman to be U.S Attorney General

Ava DuVernay-1st black woman to direct a film nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars

Sylvia Earle-1st woman Chief Scientist of the U.S National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration 

Geisha Williams-1st Latina CEO of a fortune 500 Company

Michelle Phan-1st woman to build a $500m company from a web series

Kathryn Smith-1st woman to become a full time coach in the NFL 

Carla Hayden-1st woman and 1st African American to be Librarian of Congress

Kathryn D Sullivan-1st American woman to conduct a space walk

Janet Yellen-1st woman to be Federal Reserve chair

Lotfia Elnadi-1st African woman and 1st Arab woman to earn a pilots license

Lilian Bland-1st woman in the world to design, build, and fly an aircraft

Svetlana Savitskaya-1st woman to space walk

Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi-1st Saudi woman to become a commercial airplane pilot

Golda Meir-1st woman Prime Minister in the Middle East

Isabel Peron-1st female President, Head of State and Head of Government of Argentina

Elisabeth Domitien-1st female Prime Minister of an African country 

Alice K Kurashige-1st Japanese American commissioned in the U.S Marine Corps

Patricia R Harris-1st woman to serve as Secretary of Health & Human Resources

Vanessa L Williams-1st African American winner of Miss America Pageant

Effa Manley-1st woman inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Elizabeth Stanton-1st woman rights activist

Avani Chaturvedi-1st Indian woman to fly a fighter jet

Homai Vyarawalla-1st female photo journalist of India

Maryam Al-Haribi-Saudi Arabias 1st female tour guide

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner- Argentina’s first woman President

Ryoko Azura-1st woman to be in charge of warship squadron

Laura Martines de Carvajal-1st woman doctor of Cuba

Mary Davenport-Enberg – 1st woman to conduct a symphony orchestra

Edith Houghton-1st woman as a major league baseball scout

Patsy Takemoto Mink-1st Asian American woman elected to Congress

Althea Gibson-1st African American tennis player to win singles title at Wimbledon

Shirley Chisholm -1st black woman U.s Representative

Sally Jean Priesand-1st woman Rabbi of the U.S

Wilma Mankiller-1st woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Ileana Roslehtinen-1st woman elected to Congress

Dr. Antonia Novello-1st woman and 1st Hispanic U.S Surgeon General

Mae Jameson-1st black female astronaut 

Drew Gilpin- Harvards’s 1st woman President

Sarah Thomas-NFL’s 1st woman full time official

Carla Hayden-1st woman to be Librarian of Congress

Peggy Whitson- Breaks record to be in space the most by any NASA astronaut 

Madame C.J Walker-1st African American billionaire 

Joan Baez-1st Hispanic American entertainer on the cover of TIME Magazine

Stacey Cunningham- 1st woman to lead New York Stock Exchange

Alaska P Davidson-1st female FBI agent

Michelle Obama-1st African American 1st Lady

Gloria Marie Steinem- Leeader and spokeswoman of the Feminist Movement

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing- Lauded author and psychiatrist

Barbara Jordan- lawyer, educator, politician and leader of the civil rights movement. 1st African American elected to the Texas Senate and House of Representatives.

Lia RaShawn – First female in our family raised in the Consciousness of Loving.