The Creation

This organization was created to honor, celebrate, educate and empower. The focus is the female because it’s time to eradicate the dominate conditioning and social norm of girls and women being silent, marginalized and primarily identified by physicality. This is the time for women to learn to respect and honor themselves and every other woman on the planet. This is the moment for women to learn their Real Truth and Power. This is the time for women to know their value and make self-honoring choices. Real Truth International, LLC was created because it is a necessary vehicle to move our agenda of Real Truth and Power forward.

 Simply stated, we are here to support you in learning or remembering your Real Truth and Power as an individual and within the collective of society.


The Organization

This organization was founded with the pillar of Self-Honor and the mindsets of:

  • Mindset ~ It starts with one spreads to millions, grows to hundreds of millions then billions and all the while a paradigm shift is happening. A shift that reveals women and men living in their Real Truth and Power.
  • Mindset~ Character will become recognized as the most valuable currency. Thereby, producing experiences reflecting Self-Honor and the by-product of perpetual fulfillment. Self-Honor will be the internal compass, communities will become inclusive and global understanding will be the way-of-being.
  • Mindset ~ You (by learning your Real Truth and Power ) will leave an imprint, your Personal Legacy. Your family, community and those whom you’ll never meet will have a better life because of how you chose to live. By becoming the woman or man of your dreams, you are living a template for others to learn from. Your life will display an individual who broke the patterns of conditioning and became their own hero.

This organization was created for you, me and the billions like us. We are those who chose to release the familial and societal conditioning which didn’t serve us or give us the life of our dreams. We have chosen to forge ahead into new territory and become our own hero.

The core goal of Real Truth International, LLC is to teach and support billions to have and live a life of fulfillment with Real Truth and Power. 


The Founder

I’m doctor capable according to my husband, impressive and so necessary says my sister and I see myself as a contribution to humanity through women and girls. I have used the whole of my life as a research source to gain wisdom, academic endeavors for knowledge and compiled data to understand the systemic, familial and societal conditioning. Conditioning induces biases, dominates how we think, behave and institutes habitual patterning passed from one generation to the next.

What and how I communicate gives me the unique ability to enhance the quality of every individual who wants to have a better life.

As any great leader, scientist or humanitarian, I have embodied that which I would eventually share globally. My learning and teachings were first shared with my family, continued to friends, spread to associates and then to my clients.

The power of my communication has grown organically. It started with one, spread to many, and has now made me no longer one of the best kept secrets. I am now moving into the global arena to assist women and men in creating a better life.

I teach how to excavate, examine and release conditioning that does not serve. I aid in discovering more about yourself and supporting you, in establishing another way-of-being. A way-of-being which contains the pillars that create a Life-of-Delight and is perpetuated by Self-Honoring Choices that lead to inner fulfillment.

The journey from where you are and what you desire can absolutely be yours when you learn your Real Truth and Power.


Love Note from RaShawn Renée

Happy Love Day!

Hello Dear Precious and Cherished Woman, 

Today is the day that you, me and each person who has read “44 hours & 21 minutes, A Woman’s Truth and Power” bonds through Love. Meaning, when another person reads and applies their learning, there is more love revealed in the world… Thank You for contributing.

The communications in this book through stories and inquires are my learning and discoveries. My intention is to assist you in living a life filled/felt with more love through real Truth and Power.

Being a woman is magnificent, challenging and an honor. With this female gender, we’ve been
given or chosen comes a power that many of us aren’t aware or rarely think about.

Consider this…we perpetuate society and without us human kind would perish.

We are resilient and capable. We intrinsically know how to lead and govern.

As you read this book, please know that you are unique, remarkable and definitely the Prize!

Only Love,